IGNIS participates in the FLEXGenera R&D project to develop an efficient energy storage solution

IGNIS participates together with ISEMAREN and Matrix Renewables in the FLEXGenera Project, located at the Energy City Foundation (CIUDEN) in Cubillos del Sil (León), which aims to generate a scalable and modular solution that meets the needs of storage with security and maximum efficiency.

FLEXGenera is a platform for the development of innovative technologies that seeks to develop efficient solutions for the storage of electrical energy and various fields such as environmental and cybersecurity.

To date, the construction of a photovoltaic plant of bifacial panels with single-axis tracker has been carried out at CIUDEN’s facilities, with a nominal output of 300 kW. In addition, the plant has a Lithium-Ion battery installation, with 100 kW of power and 200 kWh of storage capacity, which will be used as a test bench for the optimization algorithms of hybrid power plants and standalone batteries that IGNIS is currently developing.

Within this R&D project will be carried out the development of new algorithms for the operation in the electricity markets and in the adjustment services markets of hybrid solar power plants and standalone batteries, battery aging studies, cybersecurity research, harmonic distortion measurements in the grid, various solutions for the improvement of albedo and computer vision applications for animal monitoring, among others.

With this innovation project, IGNIS is at the forefront of the electricity sector and renews its commitment to the energy transition and renewable energies, in this case, focusing on storage as a key element for the stability of electricity systems.