IGNIS strengthens its presence in Andalusia with the new 62MW photovoltaic plant in Archidona and Antequera (Málaga)

  • Guadacano, with a peak power of 62 MW, is the first IGNIS plant operating in Andalusia.
  • The new renewable facility has brought an economic benefit of €1.4 million to the municipalities and created up to 160 jobs during the construction phase of the project.


IGNIS, starts up the Guadacano photovoltaic plant in Archidona and Antequera (Málaga) with a peak power of 62 MW. This is the first IGNIS plant operating in Andalusia.

The Guadacano solar plant will have an estimated annual production of 118 GWh, equivalent to the consumption of 33,714 homes, which translates into a saving of 56,000 tons of CO2 per year compared to the energy produced by a thermal plant with fossil fuels.

From the point of view of the positive impact generated on the economy of the municipalities of Archidona and Antequera, the direct economic benefit of the construction of this plant stands out, amounting between them to 1.4 M€, in addition to the annual recurring taxes during all the years of the plant’s life. The impact has been especially positive in terms of employment, with up to 160 jobs created during the construction of the project, some of which will be maintained permanently to carry out the Operation and Maintenance tasks of the new renewable plant.

As part of IGNIS’s commitment to the neighbors in the area and with the aim of promoting employment and facilitating the integration of people at risk of exclusion, a process of identification and evaluation of profiles has been carried out for training, through a practical course on installation and maintenance of solar plants, to a group of 21 migrants and refugees, 9 of whom were hired during the construction phase.

The organization and delivery of this training was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the construction company, the town councils of Archidona and Antequera, several local and regional entities, such as Cáritas, Cruz Roja, Nororma, Prolibertas or Don Bosco Foundation, and La Salle School, where the course was held.

“Biodiversity at the core of our actions”

Biodiversity conservation in the areas where it operates is also one of the IGNIS Group’s priorities. In this sense, a series of specific environmental measures have been adopted to promote fauna, such as the installation of nesting boxes for different species of birds and bats, roosts for birds of prey, ponds for small fauna, drinking troughs and ponds. In addition, revegetation is being carried out at different points of the plant to serve as habitat for the surrounding species.

With this project, IGNIS consolidates its presence in Andalusia, where it has significant assets in the development and construction phase, including three photovoltaic plants in the municipality of Pinos Puente (Granada), with a total capacity of 160 MW. These plants are currently in their final construction phase and will also come into operation this year.


According to Antonio Morales, IGNIS South Zone Manager, “The Guadacano photovoltaic plant not only represents a milestone for IGNIS in the region, but also a step towards environmental sustainability and the generation of positive economic impact in the area. Our commitment goes beyond the production of clean energy. Through partnerships with local entities and training programs, such as the workshop for migrants and refugees, we are promoting inclusive employment and supporting community development in the region.”