IGNIS develops a 2.4 MW solar self-consumption project for Agrosevilla

  • The installation will allow Agrosevilla to reduce its carbon footprint by more than 1,000 tons of CO2 per year.
  • IGNIS, the energy company, has developed the renewable project with the installation of 11,000 m2 of photovoltaic modules at the cooperative’s factory in La Roda de Andalucía.

Agrosevilla, the world’s largest exporter of table olives, reaffirms its commitment to sustainability with the installation of 11,000 m2 of photovoltaic modules at its factory in La Roda (Andalucía), following the completion of a project executed by the global energy company IGNIS.

The new structure, designed by Grupotec and powered by IGNIS, features more than 4,000 solar modules and represents an investment of over 2 million euros. This installation will result in a significant reduction in the company’s carbon footprint, saving 1,127 tons of CO2 per year. This figure will increase to 30,000 tons in the future, considering the twenty five year lifespan of the installation. These solar panels will enable 30% of the factory’s energy consumption to be self-sustained.

“At Agrosevilla, we are proud to continue driving our sustainable roadmap, rooted in innovation and respect for our environment. With this installation, we focus on maximizing the efficient use of resources through renewable energies, reducing our carbon footprint, and minimizing the impact of our activity on the environment,” says Julio Roda, CEO of the company.

Solar energy has experienced significant growth in recent years, becoming one of the most competitive sources of renewable electricity. IGNIS, a globally integrated energy company in the renewables sector, has expressed its satisfaction in contributing to Agrosevilla’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability:

“We are delighted to lead this initiative, demonstrating that the commitment to decarbonization and the adoption of renewable energy in the industrial sector is not only viable but also economically beneficial in the long term,” says Martín Ogueta, Director of Consumers at IGNIS.